Will TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan Be More of The Same?

PlatinumGames is at it again as they have revealed their newest IP being developed, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan. Their game will be the second transformation of one of our favorite Saturday morning animated Television Show from the ’90s being adapting into a sweet looking video game. Could this be the defining moment for the studio or are we waiting for the summer in anticipation for nothing more than another The Legend of Korra?

PlatinumGames has had a solid track run with their games with hits like Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising and The Wonderful 101, but the most important game in their list to make note of is Transformers Devastation. Transformers Devastation was released last October and was met with high marks critically as the community took hold of it with glee. The Transformers series has been hit or miss over the past few game adaptations, but it’s safe to say that Devastation was by no means on the same scale as Michael Bay’s lackluster movie adaptations. The story was similar to the original Saturday morning cartoon shows we all knew and loved, with a combat system similar to Bayonnetta and Metal Gear Rising.


It’s probably safe to assume that Platinum will be continuing the studio’s style of a fast-paced brawler with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Its probably also safe to assume that Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and maybe an unnamed fifth character will play quite similar to Transformers Devastation’s five playable characters. In Devastation, although you had five separate characters to choose from with varying strengths, weaknesses and weapons, in the long run they all played similar to each other. It might also be expected that the level of depth with the game’s combat system will be just about as deep as Devastation’s. What is expected of them, however, is to tell a story that is worthy of the classic Saturday morning cartoon. From the trailer it could be assumed that they are heading down a Batman Arkham Knight City route were everything happens in a single night.


This is nothing more than speculation built off the one minute and thirty-five second reveal trailer we were treated to and the similarities between Devastation that could be snipped out of it. After playing through Devastation last October, it was clear that it was a classic take on the golden years of cartoons that was the 90s and it’s sure to be the same tune for the Turtles. We would just rather get our hands on a game that not only takes a similar plot like the Arkham series, but also implements some of the gameplay’s depth the series was known for. We’re not talking about Arkham Knight’s level, but more along the lines of Asylum. Devastation was not the dream Transformers game that we have all been waiting for, but it was a worthy installment that’s worth a single playthrough and it’s our hope TMNT turns out to be either greater or at least the same deal.

Either way, Mutants in Manhattan is going to be a beautiful brawler being made by a studio that knows exactly how to develop them, we only ask that we get an upgraded version of Devastation. We want a game that stretches longer than a mere six hours with four, possibly five, characters that play completely different from each other and a deep combat system that reaches the same level as Bayonetta.