Screenshot Saturday Featuring Arcadian Atlas, Children of Morta, Eleven Others

Screenshot Saturday continues its weekly barrage of information via images, blasting the info-burst at full pressure.  Each week sees a few thousand images of games in development uploaded and hashtagged, and this feature picks twelve-ish from the lot.  The criteria for selection are complicated and competition is fierce, but when all is said and done the final images show up based on “that looks neat!”  It’s like science, except the exact opposite.  As usual, don’t neglect clicking on all those blue arrows, because an image that’s supposed to move is much more fun when it gets the chance to show what it’s meant to do.

Arcadian Atlas-  Final Fantasy Tactics-style strategy RPG, complete with fantastic pixel art and, as shown here, effects on battlefield position as a direct result of a well-oriented attack.  There’s a teaser trailer for Arcadian Atlas that debuted at PAX South, but at a guess there isn’t time to send it out live to the rest of the world until the weekend has been survived.

Imbrication-  As defined by the dictionary, “an overlapping of scales”, like what you get from roof shingles or scale mail.  It’s hard to say how that word applies to this game, but it will probably be cleared in time.  At the moment, though, it’s fascinating to watch the world get lit up by bullets and enemy movement.

Daring Do-  Yes, it’s a My Little Pony fan game.  Because sometimes Appaloosa Jones needs to outrun a giant rock in a dangerous trap-filled temple.

Flail Rider-  You’ve got a vehicle with a giant spiked ball on the back and the object is to break all the things!  It’s very similar to the dump truck levels in Blast Corps, because instead of driving straight at something to break it you’ve got to get a good slide going, taking into account how the ball is going to swing around.  The original Ludum Dare version is available over at

Hyperburner-  Fly a jet through hazard-choked environments in exactly the way you really shouldn’t be.  Jets aren’t known for their ability to not explode when crashing at top speed into much of anything at all.  Even if the environments do look really good as they zip past inches from your wing.

Children of Morta-  Action roguelike with a stronger narrative than is usual for the genre, about a family battling the evil that infected a nearby mountain, all rendered in excellent pixel art.  It had a successful Kickstarter that ended in early 2015, and since then the developer has been updating with regular posts of art, world lore, and other info to help ease the wait for the final version.

A Dragon Named Coal-  Metroidvania-style action/RPG starring a little black dragon with a bright red scarf.  There’s a playable pre-alpha demo over here, a little rough around the edges but very promising.  Honestly though, it had me at “dragon”.

RK3000-  It’s a good week for destroying cities, and in RK3000 you get to do it with a giant robot.  Any day in which you get to stomp a city in a giant robot is a good one.

Themeparcc-  Edu-game that gets kids ready for the PARCC tests.  It’s hard to say how a spitting orca-like whale-fish-thingy and a snapping puffin are educational, but with pixel art like that it’s hard to complain.

Crashing Season-  Mobile runner game, but you get to play as a moose, among a large number of other forest critters, sending everything flying with an antler-charge.  There simply aren’t enough moose-based games out there in the world.

1917: The Alien Invasion-  Fly, shoot, and dodge in a classic vertical shooter, and try not to think too hard about the naked guys worshiping at the horned altar flanked by golden women who must get fantastic tv reception.

Guided Meditation-  Explore and relax in a beautiful VR environment, simply enjoying being there rather than worrying about who’s taking over the world today.  Guided Meditation is a short little vacation to get away from the world and de-stress for a bit, letting your eyes drink in the sights as VR does its usual job of making you exist in a place that isn’t real.

Bonus Image

Office Management 101-  Usually when sprites stack it doesn’t cause any issue.  Have the game figure out which one should be on top and everything takes care of itself.  This is not one of those times.