The Division’s Closed Beta Extended for 24 Hours

Whether you’ve been playing the beta since January 28 or you’ve yet to get the chance to drop in, Ubisoft has good news for you. The Division’s closed beta has been extended by 24 hours. What was supposed to wrap up tomorrow at 12pm will now be ending on February 2 at 12pm. Below is the official statement Ubisoft issued on their community forums:

“Over the last few days, we’ve seen an incredible amount of excitement for the game, leading to many of you registering on the waitlist for a chance to join our Closed Beta. We’ve been working very hard to let as many players as possible join, while still maintaining a smooth experience for everyone.

Earlier today, we announced that we were now inviting as many players as possible from the waitlist, in addition to those who had guaranteed pre-order access. We’ve started sending invites, with priority given to those who signed up first.

In order to allow everyone who has access to fully enjoy the Beta, we’re happy to announce we’re extending the duration by 24h for all players. As a result servers will remain open until Tuesday, February 2nd, 12pm CET | 6 am EST | 3 am PST.

Thank you all for your amazing support!”

If you don’t have a beta code, head on over to their website and sign up for one. There’s no guarantee you’ll get access, but with the 24 hour extension you still have a chance.