Beyond Flesh and Blood Receives A New Gameplay Trailer

UK-based developer Pixelbomb Games released on Monday a new trailer for the third-person shooter title Beyond Flesh and Blood.

Beyond Flesh and Blood

The trailer, which can be viewed below, showcases Beyond Flesh and Blood’s futuristic gameplay in action, with controllable mechs clashing against one another in the war-torn city of Manchester.

As well as the trailer dropping for the mech shooter, Pixelbomb Games has secured a new partnership with publisher Sold Out, who will be supporting the Manchester-based studio with a physical release of Beyond Flesh and Blood.

John Kavanagh, who was recently appointed the managing director at Pixelbomb Games, believes that the studio has a “standout hit” in Beyond Flesh and Blood.

“Our upcoming marketing campaigns clearly demonstrate our ambitions for the game and the studio,” he said. “This means that in order to maximize all revenues and plough funds into building the brand; no revenues can be left on the table.

“Pixelbomb enjoys a direct-to-digital relationship with gamers, however, we know that significant numbers of consumers want a boxed version of Beyond Flesh and Blood. Sold Out is the natural choice of publishing partner, and we’re thrilled to work with the whole team.”

The physical distribution deal between the publisher and developer only applies to Beyond Flesh and Blood’s release on current-gen consoles, Pixelbomb Games confirmed in its press release.

Beyond Flesh and Blood’s console versions, both physical and digital, have been priced at £29.99, with the release window still set for Q2 2016.

Sold Out’s product manager, Sean Labode, praised the attention to detail that Pixelbomb Games has put into Beyond Flesh and Blood’s visuals, claiming that Manchester’s iconic landmarks can still be recognized in “their dilapidated and overgrown state.”

“Anyone that knows this city will be impressed with the attention to detail in this harrowing, dystopian world,” he said.

Garry Williams, CEO of Sold Out, added: “Pixelbomb Games has highlighted its drive and ambition as a studio, and as developer, has been quietly building a top-quality mech shooter. Sold Out were blown away by Beyond Flesh and Blood at Insomnia56, and the latest version of the game has looked and played even better than we could ever have hoped to see.

“We just had to strap Sold Out’s boxed sales machine to their digital engine, as this unique Mech shooter is going to be one of the major releases of 2016.”

Beyond Flesh and Blood will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and VR.

You can also check out the three brand-new screenshots for Beyond Flesh and Blood below: