Knights and Bikes Kickstarter Launched by LittleBigPlanet Developers

So after yesterday’s news about the fiasco surrounding Ant Simulator and its cancellation made headlines, the usual predictable comments condemning Kickstarter and crowdfunding in general made their appearance. However, we must remember that crowdfunding also helps creative games that would otherwise not be able to receive the money they need to get their dream projects off of the ground.

On that note, as if to help rekindle our faith, Foam Sword Games – a company founded by LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway, and Ratchet & Clank developers Rex Crowle and Moo Yu – have unveiled their Kickstarter campaign for their first game, Knights and Bikes. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Earthbound and Secret of Mana, Knights and Bikes is an action RPG that tells the story of Nessa and Demelza, two kids living in the British isle of Penfurzy in the 1980s. After a scandal rocks the island’s tourist-based economy and things fall on hard times, the two set out to uncover the truth behind Penfurzy’s medieval legends and battle the mysterious spirits that get unleashed in the process. And yes, this naturally includes fighting knights and traveling around on bikes.

An ode to films such as The Goonies and the developer’s own childhoods, and doused with magical realism, charming humor and an amazing art style, Knights and Bikes looks like it could be an incredibly promising and damn fun game indeed. Foam Sword Games is looking at a £100,000 funding goal, and at the time of writing, have already raised over £18,000. If you’re intrigued and looking to donate, you can watch the pitch video below, and then head over to their Kickstarter page to contribute towards the game’s development. So here’s hoping for the best and that much like fellow Kickstarter alumni Crossing Souls, we get another quality ’80s-themed indie game to look forward to soon (along with some crossover art, hopefully).