Plants vs. Zombies 2 Feels the Love in New Update

What’s sweeter on Valentine’s Day than devouring brains with your significant other? Well, if you’re awaiting the new episodes of The Walking Dead airing February 14, you can play Plants vs. Zombies 2 to get yourself ready.

Valenbrainz is the game’s latest event featuring new plants and zombies for fans to gush over. The Valentine-themed content includes Blooming Heart, which catapults heart-shaped projectiles causing increasing damage after every hit, six themed zombies, collectible costumes, new levels and higher coin rewards. All the Valenbrainz content is available to play starting today.

In addition to such romantic content, Plants vs. Zombies 2 gets Modern Day Part 2 updates on February 16. This update comes with several new plants. Escape Root, a new armed trap plant that can switch places with other plants and can even substitute itself with an explosive plant like Potatomine or Cherry Bomb when feeling threatened. Grimrose is a plant that disappears into the shadows and reappears underneath its target. There’s also Dusk-lobber, a plant that shoots projectiles into multiple lanes which is very useful when fending off those brain-hungry zombies. Some zombies make a comeback including All-Star Zombie wearing its armored football gear and can rush down lanes and there’s Super-Fan Imp, who can explode and damage nearby plants. There are also new collectible costumes and levels to try out.

Check out all the new content shown off in the Valenbrainz trailer below and don’t forget to bring candied brain bits to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.