Riot Isn’t Done Fixing the New Champ Select

As with all new things there’s a little downtime before they’re perfect. After the fiasco at launch Riot has re-enabled their new Champ Select and their aware that everything still isn’t quite right, but they’re getting to it.

There are going to be some quality of life changes like not showing the other team who you intend to pick and adding filters so you can more easily navigate champs and their usual roles, but also some much needed bug fixes. You know that annoying moment you accept the AFK check and it doesn’t register? They know about it too. Also when the queue pops but the client doesn’t move to the top of your screen. They’re getting around to fixing that as well.

Here’s a full list of everything that they intend to change/fix:

  • Pick intent will no longer show the opposing team your champion when your turn starts
  • Adding filters for sorting the champion grid by role
  • Adding ability to pull up the champion grid at any time
  • Shortening pre-select, pick and ban timers in champ select
  • Skin purchasing will work in champ select
  • Fixing issues with soft locks around entering/leaving lobbies
  • Fixing issues around entering /leaving matchmaking (such as getting hit with queue dodges if you accept a match where a player is in champ select already)
  • Fixing queue time display inaccuracies
  • Free to play champions will once again be unplayable in ranked)
  • Fixing an issue where the client is not popping to the front each time an action (AFK check, ban, pick) is required

They also want you to know that isn’t an exhaustive list of all they plan to do, so if anything is missing or you’ve thought of something else feel free to let Riot know.