Final Fantasy Tactics’ Ramza Joins the Fight in Dissidia Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Tactics’ Ramza is ready to kick some butt in the latest gameplay trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Square Enix has published a new gameplay trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy, showcasing the latest roster addition. Last week it was announced that Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics would join the roster of heroes, and today we now know how he will play. Ramza’s appearance in Dissidia is near identical to his original appearance in Tactics. He sports his pony tail, blue tunic, and wades into battle with a rapier. He also looks quite capable of casting different forms of magic.

Ramza’s inclusion marks the first time a character from a non-numbered Final Fantasy game has been playable in Dissidia. The latest game and the previous PSP games restricted the roster to characters from Final Fantasy I-XIV. Ramza joins a cast of world-renowned heroes, including Cloud (Final Fantasy VII), Terra (Final Fantasy VI), Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII), and Tidus (Final Fantasy X). Surprisingly, we’re still waiting for villain characters to be added, but for now its nice to see the roster grow.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is only playable in Japan via arcade machines. A PS4 version is planned, but lacks a release date.