Assassin’s Creed Identity’s Announcement Trailer Hides the Game in its Shadows

Assassin’s Creed has been all over the map lately between the quality of its games and the way the marketing team is choosing to present them to us. Unfortunately for the newest installment to the on-going and seemingly endless series, Ubisoft doesn’t make much of an effort to sell it.

Assassin’s Creed Identity is making its way onto the mobile market in just under three weeks and to promote the game, Ubisoft released an announcement trailer that is just all around dull and utterly boring. Even the actor portraying a regular shmoe who transforms into the assassin character (likely the protagonist of the game) looks bored and angry throughout the trailer. It’s as if just having to play this game during his short walk down the tunnel had squandered his entire day.

Unless Ubisoft was trying to reignite the feeling of rage we all felt while playing Assassin’s Creed Unity with this trailer, it’s safe to say that they have sorely missed the mark. The entire trailer doesn’t even provide a worthy description of what the game actually is going to be, which is worrisome for an “announcement” trailer. The AC franchise has been inconsistent for the last couple of years and this mobile addition just screams stay away. All the viewer is provided with throughout this jaunt down a dark tunnel is that you will be able to change your outfit within the game and continue the AC trademark of jumping off roof tops into hay bails down below.

The worst part of the trailer is the actual “gameplay” that is provide the clip is barely even ten seconds worth of footage and all we see is the character diving into a hay bail. There is no real indication of how this game will play or what it’s even about, however, if you were to do some research about the game you can find a video called Assassin’s Creed Identity- Q&A Part 1, which was published two days after the announcement for the game. The video gives a detailed description on what players can expect from the game regarding its gameplay paired with video clips of actual gameplay longer than five seconds. Now the original announcement trailer could be taken as a “teaser” trailer, but with the state of the franchise the way it is on console, it’s not a good idea to make your mobile debut trailer a live action setup with virtually no indication of actual gameplay.


Ubisoft has been through a rough patch since the days of Unity. Syndicate’s sales were greatly impacted because of it and playing around with worthless trailers like Identity’s could impact sales just the same. If they were planning on creating a Q&A video about the game that provides  impressive and well done gameplay visuals, Ubisoft should started with that right out of the gate or at least have cut a few clips of the gameplay shown in the Q&A and implement them into their announcement trailer, or even better scrapped the trailer all together and focused on creating a proper reveal trailer. Although the creativity and budget were behind their “announcement”  trailer, it was by no means a worthwhile one especially since you really have to go out of your way (and be interested in the game enough) to find their little Q&A video that does a much better job at portraying what the game actually is.