Maybe Crash Bandicoot is Returning After All

When Shawn Layden teased the PlayStation community with his Crash Bandicoot shirt at the underwhelming PlayStation Experience this past December, there was a strong contingent of Crash fans that thought their mascot of choice would return. Though there was no announcement at PSX 2015 regarding a new Crash Bandicoot game, the conspiracy theories around the furry hero are far from dead.

Today, PlayStation Mid East’s official Twitter account tweeted out a very cryptic tease in regards to one of PlayStation’s most iconic characters, which you can see below:

For those of you who do not read Arabic or know about Google Translate, this translates to “Most wanted person … Where are you Crash?” It’s strange to see an official PlayStation account tweet something about Crash Bandicoot a mere two months after PSX 2015. Could we see an announcement sometime this calendar year in regards to a new Crash Bandicoot game?