Descent Semi-Sequel Overload Gets 30 Minutes of Prototype Gameplay

Overload his Kickstarter the other day to great fan interest, and while its campaign hasn’t taken in Yooka-Laylee/Bloodstained piles of cash it’s still doing respectably well for itself.  Lead Designer Luke Schneider took to Twitch yesterday to stream uninterrupted gameplay of the Overload prototype, and then broke the highlights down into two (mostly) uninterrupted gameplay videos of a bit over 15 minutes apiece.  Pitch videos and animated .gifs are nice, but seeing the game live in action is a whole other thing.

Watching the first-person view fly and spin through very Descent-like corridors, blasting robots and seeing the bits fly off before the final hit takes out limb, causing the ‘bot to spiral out of control before exploding into a sphere of shrapnel is enough to send you shopping for a flight stick. The second video is played with a gamepad, which is also supported even if I’ve always found them a bit tricky to use for this type of game, especially with the number of controls already on display.  Strafing and rotating on three axes apiece are the basics, and there are also guns, missiles, the ability to cycle between multiple types of guns and missiles, a zoom function, headlights, flares, and afterburner on display in the prototype.  There are also two types of robots, several environments, and a dynamic lighting system all getting a full workout.  There’s a long way to go even after the Overload Kickstarter completes to turn the prototype into the game it’s working towards becoming, but this demo has all the right pieces working together to show the rough outline of the incredible game ahead.