Meet the Opposing Families of Fire Emblem Fates in New Video

Fire Emblem Fates is less than a week away from release, and Nintendo’s marketing is coming to a head. The latest video dedicated to the game details some of the key  characters from both Nohr and Hoshido, the warring states at the center of Fire Emblem Fates plot. Players will have to choose which faction to support, but both will offer opportunities to forge unique and lasting relationships, a mechanic emphasized in Fire Emblem Awakening and carried over to Fates.

If characters become close enough, they can have children, who, after spending time in the “Deep Realms”, where time is accelerated, can join the fray themselves. These offspring have unique stats, abilities, and classes, and are powerful allies on the battlefield. Players can also re-class their characters once they reach Level 10, upgrading them to a more powerful form, choosing a class to complement their personality, or even adopting the class of their spouse.

Fire Emblem Fates will release in North America on February 19.