Screenshot Saturday Featuring Starbound, Knights and Bikes, Eleven Others


Screenshot Saturday is the best day to discover new things.  Big games get announced at big press conferences but smaller ones just tend to show up one day, acting all cool like they’ve always been here but we never noticed.  Screenshot Saturday is the day developers show off progress in how things have come along during the week, whether that’s with a single arresting picture or an animation of just about anything.  It might be a completed scene or maybe even a final menu design, but the important thing is it shows progress.  This feature collects a dozen images (plus a bonus) based on a number of factors, all of which boil down to how well my attention was caught.  It’s arbitrary but it works.  The two usual disclaimers are that everything is a work in progress, and moving images are far more fun when you click on the blue arrows to start them animating.  This week is a particularly entertaining one, so just click on everything to be sure.

Knights and Bikes-  Utterly adorable action/adventure game about two friends biking around town taking on the transformed adults by throwing frisbees at them.  It’s currently on Kickstarter and doing well for itself, helped in no small part by the irrepressible energy of its characters and the wonderful art style they’re rendered in.

Super Red Hot Hero-  This game arrived on Greenlight the other day and is looking pretty sharp.  What you’re seeing above is the hero punching a tv-screen enemy into a box and then doing a teleport/dash move to the explosion.  The flow of the game is designed around this mechanic for a constant flow of destroy/dash, destroy/dash, etc, that’s looking like a lot of fun.  If it comes together as planned the speed runs should be insane.

Starbound-  Very popular thematic sequel to Terraria that’s been in Early Access for a while.  The new gun is more than a little wrong.  I hope they don’t change a thing.

The New Game-  Something new from the developer of Jelly no Puzzle, although whatever the name may be is a bit of a mystery.  In this level the green bars are used to link a blue blob to a red one.  When the one red blob goes up the pipe, it sends the blue on top shooting into the air, pulling the connected red blob with it.  Chain reactions are the best.

Iron Snout-  This mini-game proves that the wolf/pig conflict was not one of persecution by the strong wolves on the weak pigs, but rather a war where brutality was practiced on either side.  The Three Little Pigs is pure pro-pig propaganda.

Bazier-  Twin-stick arcade arena shooter in classic Geometry Wars-like fashion.  It’s bright and shiny and you can shoot everything that moves as they explode with colors everywhere, in exactly the way an arcade game should.

PolyGone-  Low-poly space shooter/adventure about exploring a huge galaxy in search of a missing whatsit.  It’s super-early right now, but even in its current state the space station in the background can be docked with and there are giant homing missile swarms.  That’s a good start for any game.

Plasma Puncher-  Side-scrolling (circle scrolling?) brawler about a white blood cell whooping ass on the viruses and other health-impeding substances that are invading the body that’s his territory.  The animation and enemy designs are too much fun in motion, and judging by the escape in this clip there’s some good skill-based action to go with it.

God’s Gift-  A Lemmings-like game where you lead the humans to the occult sacrificial altar at level’s end.  The old gods need to be fed, after all.  There’s a months-old alpha version to try out over at, although the developer warns it’s very buggy.

The Deep Dark-  Minimalist maze exploration game with a lovely black and white and million shades of grey art style.  Cute and arty as it may seem, though, this section shows it’s got a mean violent streak a mile long and just as deep.  Sensitive viewers are advised caution.

Astroneer-  Astronaut survival game that’s done very well for itself so far.  It’s a challenge not to give its screens a featured spot every single week, but this one is just too pretty to resist.

Great Cascade-  This week’s entry in the “too early for any information” category.  It looks like a wilderness adventure game of some sort, and one of the few other screenshots on the Twitter feed shows a giant monument, but that’s about all the details there are.  Can’t say enough nice things about the art style and colors, though.

Bonus Image

Smooth Operator-  The game itself is an oddball two-player co-op kissing/tongue-wrestling thing, which aren’t words I ever expected to write.  The achievement system, however, deserves some kind of gaming-equivalent Nobel Prize for brilliance in application.