Fallout 4’s First-Series of DLC Add-Ons Revealed, Season Pass Price Hike Announced

Bethesda Softworks has pulled back the curtain on their DLC plans for Fallout 4. DLC will be released in different series over a period of time, the first of which drop this spring. Also, Bethesda is increasing the price of the Season Pass.

The first series of DLC includes three new add-ons; Automation, Wasteland Workshop, and Far Harbor. All three can be purchased separately, or as part of the Season Pass. Here’s a breakdown of all three add-ons:

Fallout 4 Automation DLC

In Automation, the mysterious Mechanist unleashes his horde of evil robots, including Robobrain. Your job is to hunt them down and harvest their parts to create your own robot companions. Customize their limbs, armor, abilities, and equip them with some awesome weaponry. Automation is out in March 2016 and will set you back $9.99.

Fallout 4 Wasteland DLC

Wasteland Workshop tasks you with capturing live creatures. Design and set cages to capture live creatures. Tame them, or put them against each other in battle. Wasteland Workshop also comes with new design elements for your settlement. This DLC arrives April 2016 for $4.99.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC

Far Harbor adds a huge amount of content to Fallout 4. A new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency sends you to the island of Far Harbor off the coast of Maine. Far Harbor is on the verge of war as conflict grows between the synths, the Children of Atom, and the locals. The choice is up to you to decide whether you’ll work towards peace, or bring chaos to the people of Far Harbor. According to Bethesda, Far Harbor features the largest landmass they’ve ever created for an add-on. Embark on new faction quests, fight lethal creatures, and explore dangerous dungeons. The reward? New high-level armor and weapons. Far Harbor is out May 2016 for $24.99.

Bethesda Softworks reiterates that these three add-ons is just the beginning. The developer has plans to add more than $60 worth of new content to Fallout 4. As such, they’re hiking the price of the Season Pass from $29.99 to $49.99 on March 1, 2016. Anyone who has already purchased the Season Pass, or purchases it before March 1 will get all the content at the original price of $29.99.

Those wanting this content now have a chance to play them early. Bethesda is running closed betas for all three add-ons for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Sign up here for consideration. In terms of free content, Bethesda Softworks is currently testing the Survival Mode and Creation Kit. Details regarding both pieces of content will be released in the near future.