The Next Arcade Block Will Have A Physical Copy of the BIT.TRIP Collection

Having written about the monthly gaming collector’s happiness in a box numerous times before, I am certain that regular readers of this site are familiar with Arcade Block. Each month, subscribers are sent a decent sized box full of gaming items to geek up the place. There have been exclusive figures, canvas art, key chains, and always a t-shirt. Last month’s Street Fighter V shirt was really nicely done.

One thing that we have never had was solid word on what is going to be in the next block. That has changed today as Arcade Block and Choice Provisions have announced the inclusion of a physical PC copy of The BIT.TRIP Collection. The disc will contain Core, Void, Beat, Fate, Flux, and the sublime Runner. Having a signed copy of the 3DS collection proudly displayed, I’m excited to receive a PC copy of these gems. The games will be DRM free and include the soundtracks at that. For those who want to leave the disc in the packaging, Steam keys will also be included.

Arcade Block 1

This does not include the items that will also be in this month’s edition. There will also be items for Sonic The Hedgehog and more Zelda awesomeness. The box won’t end there, but the hints do. Rest assured, I have not been disappointed yet. People who want in on this month’s box have until February 25 to order.