TRON RUN/r Launches on PS4, Steam with New Trailer, Screenshots

TRON RUN/r has been the definition of an under the radar release, but all has gone as planned and the game has officially launched on PS4 and Steam.

The Xbox One version of the game is set to launch soon, but no formal date has been revealed.

Check out a statement from Chris Heatherly, Disney Interactive’s SVP & GM of Disney Mobile, as well as screenshots and the launch trailer below:

We at Disney Interactive are HUGE TRON fans! After all, it’s a world set in games!!

About a year ago, we asked the question – what would happen if the TRON server code somehow got loose on the Internet? What would happen when it encounters the nearly limitless computing resources in our age of the cloud? Who will it come into contact with on the unruly web, and as a result, how will it evolve?

TRON RUN/r only begins to answer those questions, as well as ask a few more. On the surface, it is an incredibly fun game that harkens back to TRON’s glory days in the arcade. But scratch beneath that surface, and you will find there is something grander in play. In fact, if you scour the Net you may find its been happening for a while.

For the game itself, we were very inspired by the Coin-Op greats like “TRON” and “Discs of TRON” that were simple to play, but incredibly tough to master. TRON RUN/r is an arcade-style racing game, something we hope you will enjoy playing again and again. We collaborated with Sanzaru Games who have made an absolutely stunning game that is a worthy extension of the TRON franchise. Fans of the franchise will note that in keeping with our story, the look of this game itself is an evolution that is different from both the original TRON film and TRON: Legacy. It pays homage to both while also expressing its vibrancy of its video game heritage.

TRON Run/r is a new direction for us here at Disney Interactive. A little more than an experiment, but we see the opportunity in the world of Steam and digital console to get out there and try things – start with a “seed” and see how our fans respond. We started with this game on Steam Early Access and have had nearly universally positive response. I want to thank the fans who supported us in Early Access because without you, TRON RUN/r would not be releasing wide today. We hope you enjoy this game, tell a friend, and that helps us plant more “seeds” like this in future.