The Catgirls Return in Nekopara Vol. 2

The end of 2014 brought with it an adorable visual novel by the name of Nekopara Vol. 1. This title’s storyline centered around a young man who had just set out to own a brand new bakery only to have it quickly overrun by two catgirls.

2015 saw the release of the far shorter, and more fan service-focused Nekeopara Vol. 0. Now it is finally time to dive back into this sweet (and potentially erotic) world with Nekopara Vol. 2. Players have a few choices before making their purchase.

Nekopara Vol. 2 is available on Steam as an “all ages” release with a launch week discount of $8.99. There is also an adult version on Denpasoft for $19.99. Those who want the 18+ features in their Steam copy can opt for buying the $9.99 patch via Denpasoft to unlock such content.