BioWare Wants to Know if You’d Play a Dragon Age Tactics Game

BioWare’s Mark Darrah took to Twitter yesterday to gauge interest in a possible tactical offshoot of the Dragon Age franchise. Darrah’s poll asks users to specify not only whether they’d be interested in the concept at all, but whether they’d only be interested if it were only on PC or only on mobile/handheld platforms.

Darrah noted in a response to fans that the game would be a “full game” rather than a free-to-play title with microtransactions, and said it would be turn-based and “like Fire Emblem or XCOM.” He also assured players that the potential Dragon Age Tactics spinoff would be “in addition to the main series line as opposed to instead of,” so a standard Dragon Age action-RPG game would still be coming.

Darrah is the executive producer over the entire Dragon Age franchise, so it’s likely he’s not asking out of mere curiosity. Given that the Twitter poll is currently sitting at 49 percent of players saying “yes!” and just 22 percent saying “no,” don’t be surprised to see a Dragon Age Tactics game announced in the relatively near future.