ESPN Covers Jazz Game Using League of Legends Overlay

If you haven’t noticed yet, ESPN really likes to cover the world of Esports now. They’ve been doing some great coverage of League of Legends as a whole and written some features about teams and players. Well now it seems to be taking over a few more facets of their program as they did a whole highlight segment with League of Legends skills, map, and sound effects.

Why? Sometime around last year Gordon Hayward announced that he was the best among basketball players. That he could take on the top five NBA players all at once by himself…in a game of League of Legends. After publicly professing his love of the game, League that is, and Rick Fox buying a team ESPN kind of just started going with it as well. It’s being considered a sport and even being shown on ESPN along with Heroes of the Storm and DOTA 2 when the big tournaments are going on.

So without further ado, here’s a Utah Jazz highlight segment to the sound effects of League of Legends.