New Overview Video Out for ‘Paragon’

While it has yet to enter paid early access, Epic Games’ upcoming third person action-MOBA hybrid “Paragon” is shaping up well so far. Along with it has been a real push in marketing, with news and content pumping out constantly in the last two months alone. Paragon seeks to merge the versatility and pace of third person action with the fluid, strategic, and ever-changing nature of MOBAs. Whether it achieves this in the long-term has yet to be seen. Paragon’s match format boils down to familiar MOBA territory: two five-player teams, a core to attack for each team, and automated defenses.

See the “Change the Way You Compete” Overview video for the game below. Paragon will be on PlayStation 4 and PC, with paid early access in Spring, and a free open beta coming in the Summer.

For more on Paragon, see the latest “Rush the Core” gameplay trailer.