Fury of the Tempest: New Content for Devilian

In case you missed back in December — when everyone was still in the middle of the fever dream called Big Holiday Releases — Trion Worlds released a new, free-to-play action RPG/MMO called DevilianEntirely competent, with fast-paced combat, Devilian was neither the best or most interesting ARPG around or the most engaging MMORPG, but it did add a decent choice to a genre that isn’t terribly over-represented. Devilian’s big conceptual hook was that each character had a normal form and a Devilian form, opening up new sets of abilities to develop.

Featuring only four, gender locked classes, Devilian provided a lot of content for free, though it made no secret that lots of stuff was for sale: cosmetic items, inventory expansions, pets, mounts, character slots, etc. At or near the level 45 cap there was a pretty wide array of high-level dungeons and raid focused content, but generally the melee classes were underrepresented and overshadowed by the magic users, especially in PvP.

The Fury of the Tempest expansion/update raises the level cap to 54, adds some new, high-level armor sets, and opens up two new Archdevil Dungeons and one new 9-person Raid dungeon. The biggest new addition is the Tempest class. It should be noted that the new Tempest content is not free, but needs to be purchased in the Shop.

The Tempest class is a female, dual wielding melee character that helps to address the complaint that too many of Devilian‘s classes were ranged fighters. Focusing on fast move sets that dispatch a lot of enemies at once, the Tempest class is probably the game’s overall most successful and enjoyable melee character. Whether using the Dagger — which splits into two weapons — or the twin-bladed Glaive, the Tempest is a powerful and agile fighter, with a dozen or so new skills depending on weapon preference. One of the most useful is “Dark Slash,” which combined a fast charge and knock back with a series of slice and dices. Many of the weapon abilities add some sort of magic component, such as charging the blade with electricity or sending a volley of dark spirit swords at the enemy. Above all, the Tempest is great at wading into groups of enemies and dealing effective damage to many.


The skimpy costumes that are a hallmark of Trion’s MMOs are in full effect in Devilian, and perhaps even moreso in the expansion, where the poor Tempest goes into battle practically naked. Like the other classes, the Tempest is gender-locked and customization options are generous within the narrow aesthetic context.

Devilian remains a decent ARPG/MMO, and for anyone who has stuck with the game since launch, the Fury of the Tempest will provide high level players a bit of new content to grind through and a whole new class to run the game with. The Tempest class is a lot of fun, especially if your preference is for melee combat.