Screenshot Saturday Featuring Bound, Octahedron, Twelve More

Screenshot Saturday is new every week, featuring an endless progression of pictures and animations of everything its participants have been working on.  Games show up from their earliest conception through character design, gameplay and graphic iterations, demo, beta, Early Access, and even final release versions, and all stages in between.  This week has a little of everything, same as always, and this feature pulls a twelve-ish images plus a bonus from the thousands that are posted through the day.  Don’t neglect clicking on the blue arrows to give the animated images a chance to do their thing, because otherwise what’s the point of seeing it in the first place?

My Friend Pedro- Pedro is a banana and he knows the score.  Bad things are happening and Pedro needs you right in the thick of it, blasting the gangsters away in an acrobatic fashion as time slows down and exploding arrows remove the legs of unsuspecting bad guys.  The original is over at Adult Swim Games, but the upgrade is going to be a bigger, meaner, more eviscerate-ier version.

Snail Storm-  2D action shooter where you’re a heavily armed, lightning-fast snail in an arena filled with enemy critters ripe for combo-ing.  Dash, blast, zap, stomp, and eradicate while keeping the chain alive as long as possible, tearing through the arena at top speed to max out the score.  There are a lot of different attacks available so it’s a bit easy to button-mash, but once you sort out which attacks do what you can properly exploit their potential.  Snail Storm is free/pay-what-you-want over at

Caretaker Sacrifice-  Find out why the stars are going out by investigating a Star Killer and destroying as much of it as possible in a 6 degrees of freedom shooter.  The color design and art style really make this one pop out.

Really Nice Poltergeist-  As a helpful ghost, it will be your job to make the residents of your house happy even if they do find the process a bit worrying, or possibly downright spooky.  The order in which the residents are helped determines what new events pop up, leading to different endings.

Bound-  I know what you’re thinking and no, that’s not what Bound is about.  It’s a game about ribbon-dancing through amazing environments using a semi-low-poly aesthetic.  Details are pretty scarce, and all that’s been officially revealed is you’ll put your best ballet moves to work in a 3D platformer, and there’s no question it’s incredibly pretty.

Unnamed-  Side-scrolling brawler with very nice pixel-art animation.  Also, a sports bra might help get those things under control

Trial by Viking-  Action platformer going through its last stages of development before landing on Steam next month.  For as quick a journey as it’s been from clearing Kickstarter last September, Trial by Viking is looking really sharp.

Cyber Shadow-  Completing the Screenshot Saturday pixel-art action trifecta, Cyber Shadow is a ninja platformer done in the NES style.  Try not to let the ninja passing by the pickup in this clip drive you too crazy, even if it’s sitting right there with no threats around it and what kind of player just leaves that behind seriously what the hell how does that even work!?

Octahedron-  Or maybe it’s a pixel-art action quadfecta, pretending for a moment that’s an actual word.  Octahedron is a neon-shiny platformer where double-jumping makes a second temporary platform mid-air that fires straight down when you launch from it.

Ctrl Alt Ego- Adventure game that’s early enough in development that its eventual shape is still being defined.  Jump from one old-school sci-fi robot to another to work your way through the space ship.  The world needs more clunky old science fiction-style design work in it.

Unnamed-  VR game where you can not only paint buildings but also go fishing for the paintbrush with a magnet when it falls off the lift.  This one is currently Vive-exclusive, both due to needing the controllers for precise hand movements and that being the VR system the developer owns.

Temporus-  Side scrolling action platformer shooter RPG that is in no mood to be tied down by a single genre restriction.  Whatever it ends up being in its final shape, it’s already got the best treasure chests out there.

Override-  Everyone wants to pilot a giant robot, but the biggest and best robots were run by a crew of jumpsuited heroes, usually accompanied by a spunky boy sidekick and his pet.  Override does away those last two and lets up to four players control a single mech to wreak havoc in a destructible city that, if it gets too damaged, isn’t going to be any too happy with its giant mechanical “protector”.

Bonus Image

Pissing Simulator-  Can you believe you might have gone your entire life without seeing this?  What kind of existence might that have been?  Really, it’s best not to think of it.