Dark Souls III Will Run at 60fps on PC

From Software has confirmed that Dark Souls III on PC will run at 60fps when it launches next month.

Dark Souls III on PC will not be locked at 30fps, but will indeed run at a buttery smooth 60fps. Developer From Software confirmed this via Twitter. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are still set to run at 30fps.

Though this is great news for PC players, this doesn’t necessarily mean Dark Souls III will be a great PC port. From Software are notorious for shoddy PC ports. The much-maligned PC port of the original Dark Souls had to be fixed by modders. In fact, Dark Souls II┬ádirector Yui Tanimura even admitted that the original’s PC port was, “half-assed.” Thankfully, Dark Souls II did not launch on PC with many problems, and did not require mods to be playable on PC. Hopefully Dark Souls III will be given the same treatment as Dark Souls II.

Dark Souls III is out April 12 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.