Harmonix Says the PS3 Version of Amplitude is Finally Done

Harmonix announced via Kickstarter today that development of the promised PlayStation 3 version of its music game Amplitude is finally complete.

The company confirmed that it submitted the PS3 version to Sony for certification today, barring any unforeseen issues that crop up in Sony’s review, PS3 players should be able to download the game sometime in April.

As well, Harmonix gave an update on the other rewards it had promised backers: The vinyl of the game’s soundtrack has another 3 to 4 weeks of production left, so the developer estimated backers will receive them by late April or early May. The digital art book, however, is available for eligible backers to download today through a link that will be sent to them.

Harmonix’s Amplitude remake has been a higher-profile Kickstarter game and saw multiple delays before release late last year. Our reviewer called it “a reboot that perfectly captures the spirit and rock solid mechanics of the original” while criticizing an overall lack of content.