CryEngine V Announced, Adopts A Pay-What-You-Want Model

A new version of Crytek’s famous software, CryEngine, was announced today at GDC. Crytek’s creative director, Frank Vitz took to the stage to unveil CryEngine 5, and that it will be based around a “pay what you want” system. He also mentioned that those wishing to create in virtual reality will be happy to know that CryEngine 5 comes VR ready.

With the “pay what you want” model, developers are not expected to pay royalties or anything of the sort, but if they do decide to give, they can allocate up to 70% of it to Crytek’s new Indie Development Fund, which the company has spent a million dollars on to get started. This fund promises to help support small teams around the world get started making games using the software.

CryEngine has been a subscription service since 2014. This move to a “pay what you want” system is most likely in reaction to Unity and Unreal Engine, which have both adopted a free approach in recent years. Previously, Crytek had said that they were not going to go this route, but it seems that the tough competition has forced their hand.

CryEngine 5 comes VR ready, which means that it has the source code necessary and a benchmarking tool called “VR Score,” which will help developers test how well their game is running. At the conference, they showed off games like The Climb, a VR climbing simulator for the Oculus Rift, and talked about all of the features available with their new engine.

Crytek also announced the introduction of the CryEngine Marketplace, which is essentially an online store for pre-made assets that developers can use in CryEngine 5. CryEngine 5 is now available on their website.