The Fear Swells Inside New System Shock Remastered Trailer

System Shock is one of the most influential FPSes ever made, seeing as it’s basically a precursor to every single-player FPS produced in the last decade.  It also aged poorly since its 1994 release thanks to incredibly awkward controls, and while those have been cleaned up in last year’s Enhanced Edition, very few games are more deserving of a full HD remake.  System Shock Remastered was announced last year as a complete rebuild of the original game from the ground up, and now the first gampelay footage is available and looking amazing.  A little blocky around the edges, sure, but wonderfully atmospheric and with the always-worrying voice of SHODAN dominating the end.  Most importantly, the trailer shows System Shock Remastered will be the original game faithfully recreated in a modern engine, rather than a similar game with semi-familiar story using a known license to pass itself off as something it really isn’t.  Also, nobody can call you a filthy bag of meat in quite the same way as SHODAN.  Check out the trailer below, which sadly doesn’t come with a release date attached to the end.