New One Piece: Burning Blood Trailer Has Nothing to do with Game, Still Awesome

One Piece: Burning Blood is a one-on-one fighting game where you choose teams of up to three players and switch between them on the fly.  The new trailer for One Piece: Burning Blood, on the other hand, is Luffy saving a live-action Tokyo from an attack by Crocodile and Enel, who for some reason have teamed up to decimate the place with sand and lightning.  What need is there for story-based logic when it looks cool, after all, and if Luffy and Crocodile are more likely to be uneasy allies than enemies after Impel Down then so what?  It’s a lot of fun seeing Luffy pop up from nowhere doing his best Spider-Man impression in the middle of a panicking Tokyo, people scurrying everywhere while the storm rages.  It’s only tangentially related to 3-on-3 tag team matches, sure, but Tokyo hadn’t been decimated by a monster attack in days!  It was feeling neglected, so let’s not hold the implausibility of the action against it.