PlayStation VR Worlds Game Collection Announced

While it’s relatively common to ship some sort of game collection with a new gaming device or peripheral, PlayStation VR Worlds may end up being more than just a consumer-level proof of concept. PlayStation VR Worlds is a PlayStation VR game that will feature five different playable VR scenarios: Danger Ball, Into The Deep, VR Luge, The London Heist, and Scavenger’s Odyssey.

Danger Ball might be the silliest of them since it involves essentially hitting a ball back and forth in a sort of 3D Tetris match where players must literally use their heads to move the paddles. Into The Deep puts players in an underwater adventure that involves sharks and subsequently gets real. VR Luge is an adrenaline ride meant to put players in high speed situations where they need to dodge cars, debris and more. The London Heist is a crime thriller with PS Move support involving a playable diamond heist that is also likely going to go wrong. Finally, Scavenger’s Odyssey puts players in a sci-fi mech situation with aliens, explosions and blasters.

See the announcement trailer for PlayStation VR Worlds below. PlayStation VR is due in October at $399.99.