Pinstripe Finishes Kickstarter Campaign With Over $100,000 Raised

When it first began last month, Thomas Brush’s Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming 2D adventure game Pinstripe had already surpassed its funding goal in just one day. Now, the campaign has finished with a whopping $106,729 raised, nearly quadrupling the original goal of $28,000.

Needless to say, Thomas was incredibly grateful for all of this support, especially since it now means that he can work full-time on developing Pinstripe. The massive total also means that the game has achieved its stretch goals of a bonus Heaven level, New Game Plus mode, voice acting, a mobile version, and extra gear to earn in the game. Thomas has been showing off Pinstripe at SXSW this week, so here’s hoping he gets some positive impressions there to accompany this grand news as well.