Firewatch Sells 500k in a Month, Recoups Investment on First Day

Firewatch publisher Panic published an interesting one-month-later retrospective on its blog yesterday, claiming the game sold 500,000 copies in its first month and became profitable on its first day of sale.

Especially impressive, Panic reported, is that the indie narrative game sold so well that it was number one on Sony’s top downloads chart for PS4 for the month of February, besting big releases like Far Cry: Primal and Street Fighter V.

Panic also discussed the performance issues that affected the PS4 version of the game and promised further patches to improve performance even more for the PS4 and Mac versions. However, the publisher noted that while some players were not happy with the game’s ending, it has no plans to change it: “…we wanted to tell a ‘real-life’ story, and those often end quietly and sadly.”

Finally, the publisher shared some details about the success of its unique photo feature in the game that allowed players to upload photos taken via the in-game disposable camera to the publisher’s server and order physical prints of them out for $15 per set. Panic said that 214,802 photos have been uploaded so far and over 1,000 sets have been shipped out so far.