Super Mario Maker Receives its Most Obscure Player Skin Yet

For all of the hate that Nintendo has received over its failed attempts to make the Wii U into a mainstream platform this generation, the Japanese gaming giant certainly thrilled the world when it released Super Mario Maker last fall. With some of the most intuitive level-design mechanics ever to grace the industry, as well as a rock-solid platforming framework to lean upon, Super Mario Maker is essentially the unlimited Mario game that gamers have dreamed of for years.

One of the most interesting aspects of Super Mario Maker’s lifespan has been the sheer number of character skins that have made their way into the successful title. Ranging from some of the most iconic Nintendo characters to downright abominations (we are looking at you here Skinny Mario), these skins have not only provided more entertainment value for players, but they’ve also given gamers yet another reason to plop down their hard-earned cash on amiibo. Continuing the steady content drip that has essentially turned Super Mario Maker into a platform, Nintendo has revealed that Yu Ayasaki will be a playable character going forward.

For those of you who aren’t huge fans of obscure Japan-only rhythm games on the 3DS, Yu Ayasaki is a character in┬áDaigasso! Band Brothers P, which was released in 2013 by Intelligent Systems. If that name sounds at all familiar to you, it’s because┬áDaigasso! Band Brothers, originally launched in 2004 on DS, is the title that spawned the character Barbara the Bat. Of course, no one will blame you for not recognizing any of the words in the previous two sentences, so fear not.

In honor of this announcement, Nintendo has released a trailer showcasing Yu Ayasaki in all her 8-bit glory:

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