Cyberpunk Action-Platformer Until I Have You Due Out April 4

Have you ever felt the need to play a retro-styled cyberpunk action-platformer where you have to save your wife but find yourself slowly being driven insane in the process? No? Then we can never be friends. But for the rest of you, good news, as Wormwood Studios recently announced that they will be releasing Until I Have You on April 4!

Until I Have You puts you in the role of an assassin known only as The Artist, all set to retire when his wife Emily gets kidnapped, causing him to equip himself with an exoskeleton suit in order to do everything possible to save her. Unfortunately, the suit causes hallucinations over time, meaning that The Artist may be sacrificing his health in the process, and that the world and characters around you in the game can get altered as you play through it. Boasting a blend of intense action, diversity, and story, Until I Have You definitely looks like a potential indie sleeper hit to look out for next month. Until then, here’s the game’s most recent trailer to tide you over.