Week 9 Day 2 NA LCS Predictions

The last day of the LCS is here and I was wrong yesterday about us not seeing too much movement in the bracket. Right now NRG are 1-0 against TSM and low and behold that’s who they play tomorrow. We’ll get more into this later but that qualifies as a significant shift in the bracket. Here’s the standings going into day two.

1) Immortals (16-1)

2) Counter Logic Gaming, Cloud 9 (12-5)

4) Team Liquid, Team SoloMid (9-8)

5) NRG Esports (8-9)

7) Echo Fox (6-11)

8) Team Impulse (5-12)

9) Renegades, Team Dignitas (4-13)

Immortals took out TSM in amazing fashion and that started a shift that could be extremely unfortunate for losers. With that loss and tomorrow’s match against NRG TSM is only one game ahead. If they lose they’ll also be 0-2 on the season against NRG making them officially fall from fourth to sixth. Meaning they’ll be on the awful side of the bracket. The playoff bracket with the team that just beat them. If Liquid win tomorrow and TSM lose again they’ll be in sole possession of fourth. A Liquid win will also solve our second place tie situation since C9 is who Liquid need to beat. If C9 lose and CLG win C9 will take third and the 2016 Spring split playoff picture will be set.

Here’s the schedule for day two with the predicted winners highlighted in bold (Overall pick record 42-13):

  • Renegades vs Echo Fox
  • Cloud 9 vs Team Liquid
  • Team Impulse vs Immortals 
  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Dignitas
  • Team SoloMid vs NRG Esports

Renegades picked up a very nice win against Impulse yesterday to finally move out of last place. Now they sit above Team Dignitas for a share of last place. Progress! Today though they take on Echo Fox who I believe don’t have a shot at making the playoffs due to their loss to Cloud 9. They were given a gift with NRG’s loss, but couldn’t capitalize. I’m taking Renegades here because they played extremely well as the game progressed and should be able to get out to an early lead today. Echo Fox is content with just sitting, farming, and waiting for late game but if Renegades can push them a little they should be able to come out on top.

C9 crushed the dreams of Echo Fox yesterday in stellar fashion. They jumped on them early and never gave them breathing room. Like I said Fox like to farm and if you let them you’re allowing them to win a late game team fight and use respawn timers to win. C9 didn’t let that happen. Liquid had a nice tuneup against Dignitas. Things were close for a while in gold, but once Liquid got a lead they didn’t look back. The last time these two met Rush pulled out Nunu and C9 won convincingly. While I don’t think they’ll win as easily as they did last time they should still win.

I said yesterday that Immortals haven’t looked like their old selves and they were definitely back in form yesterday. Huni was amazing on Yasuo and Immortals just worked around the map doing whatever they wanted. Impulse on the other hand had to go against the new look Renegades and put up a valiant effort. Unfortunately they just couldn’t hold it together in a few team fights and allowed Ninja to put out some great damage as well as stun the whole team with Varus ult. I think we all know who wins hear. It really shouldn’t be a contest.

CLG get to end the split against the new team at the bottom of the totem pole. With their loss yesterday Dignitas is now the last place team. Despite what I think about their methods CLG pulled out another win with Darshan on Graves and Huhi on Twisted. Their strats are becoming predictable, but off all the team I don’t think Dig is going to be able to punish them too hard.

This is the biggest match of the day. TSM really need to win here to have to avoid Immortals in the playoffs. They win and Liquid lose then they stay in fourth. If they lose they’re sixth and their second game will be against Immortals if they can manage to win their first against whoever is in third–either C9 or CLG. NRG didn’t fare so well against CLG, but I’m putting faith in them purely because I don’t believe TSM will be able to perform.

Game(s) to watch: Renegades and Echo Fox will be a good match because once again we get to see how much more improved Ren really is. They’ve played well since their new lineup came out. C9 and Liquid have some pretty big positioning implications for both teams. With a win C9 set themselves up for a tiebreaker match at worst against CLG and with win Liquid can take sole possession of fourth. TSM and NRG are both fighting to not be sixth. Whoever loses this match has the last seed going into playoffs and nobody wants that.