Prepare to Dine: Bandai Namco Announces Dark Souls Wing Challenge

In what has to be one of the most bizarre marketing tie-ins in the history of the games industry, Bandai Namco has announced it is teaming up with UK restaurant MEATliquor and Sony’s UK branch to bring you the Dark Souls Wing Challenge.

The challenge will require patrons to eat 20 chicken wings in the fastest possible time, and “a portion” of those  will be slathered in a quarter of a liter of MEATliquor’s hottest dark chili sauce. The press release boasts that while preparing the wings, the chef is required to wear protective gloves, a mask and goggles because the chili sauce is just that hot. As well, a waiver must be signed before you can enter the contest.

Anyone who completes the challenge will earn an “I Survived the Dark Souls Wing Challenge” t-shirt and included in the “Halls of Souls” leaderboard for that restaurant. The winner with the fastest time in each restaurant will be given a PlayStation 4 with the Dark Souls III: Collector’s Edition. The overall winner with the fastest time in the UK will be upgraded to the Prestige Edition, which includes a 40cm Lord of Cinder figure.

What a terrible, beautiful idea — that has absolutely nothing to do with the game in question. Still, somebody clearly had fun writing that press release; it’s definitely worth checking out.

Dark Souls III launches on April 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.