Episode Five of Minecraft: Story Mode Coming March 29, Post-Season Episodes Coming Later

Considering how quick the previous episodes of Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode came out last last year, a lot of us were left wondering why the momentum suddenly stopped, and where the fifth episode was and when it would come out. It looks like we don’t have to wonder any longer, though, as Telltale announced today that the adventure game’s fifth episode, Order Up!, will be released a week from now on March 29. But big news was also planned for today concerning the series, and as it turns out, there will still be three more post-season episodes to come in 2016.

Announced alongside the fifth episode’s release date, episodes six, seven, and eight will be released later during the coming months of 2016, featuring all-new adventures with Jesse and the New Order of the Stone. Similar to the 400 Days DLC episode for The Walking Dead, these episodes will require the base game to play. So for those of you demanding more blocky goodness and Patton Oswalt, looks like you’ll get your wish!