Fulcrum’s Neon Mountain Snowboarding Explained in Prototype Video

It’s a pretty safe bet that there hasn’t been a snowboarding game with the style of Fulcrum before.  The game started as a jam project last May between Fract’s Richard Flanagan and fellow indie game designer Ben Swindon, but it had enough spark inside to keep on burning after the earliest prototype stages.  After several months of on-again/off-again work the basics have been hammered into shape, and the video below explains what sets Fulcrum apart from your average snowboarding game.

Basically, Fulcrum is a game of exploration, likened by the developers to Proteus on a snowboard.  Each section of the mountain has an orb to chase after, and until you grab it the terrain loops over and over again to either let you explore at your own pace or focus like a laser on getting to the next section as quickly as possible.  That doesn’t mean it’s a leisurely amble down the side of a mountain, as evidenced by several of the later areas that move at high speed with big jumps necessary to collect the orb and progress, but rather that Fulcrum is trying to capture the feel of snowboarding for one’s own entertainment instead of treating it as a sport to be won.

It doesn’t take a lot of looking to recognize the art style of Fract infusing Fulcrum’s mountain, with the white hillside covered in strange monuments, plants rising and falling as the player zips on by, and balls of light arcing over the terrain.  The grey mountain gives way to a colorful cave system with neon ramps and rails punctuating the darkness, and concentric light circles blast the player forward in a burst of acceleration.  The mountain is a beautiful and surprisingly colorful place to explore, and strapping on a snowboard to explore its secrets looks like an excellent way to tear through your own private snowy neon world.