Hyper Light Drifter Gets a March 31 Release Date for PC

After having waited for what seems like an eternity (or two and a half years, to be a bit more accurate), Hyper Light Drifter will finally be released for PC on March 31, as revealed in an update on the game’s Kickstarter page and via a final trailer released for the game, seen below. The indie action RPG was designed as a loving tribute to the days of 8-bit and 16-bit adventures, and having raised over twenty times its original budget via Kickstarter, developer Heart Machine has spent a long time making sure all of the money goes towards the various stretch goals and developing the best damn game possible. And now, the end goal is finally in sight.

Well, the end goal for the PC version, at least. The console versions are still being developed, but should be due out later in 2016 as well, as seen again in the trailer. It still looks astonishing and incredibly beautiful, so here’s hoping Hyper Light Drifter delivers when it comes out next week.