Mobile Tank Game ‘DDTank’ Reaches Update 2.0

Trajectory-based mobile tank game DDTank brings in global, cross-server play with its new 2.0 update. This new update has also seen the coming of a new World Boss. For plot reasons, the diabolical Gulu has recruited a dragon. Players have a single chance to slay the dragon every three hours, but all players on the same server will face the same dragon. If pitting an entire server against one dragon seems like overkill, the dragon actually respawns with better loot and more HP one minute after dying.

Cross-server battles allow players to face people in different places to increase rank. This enhancement to the multiplayer features enables full-fledged PvP, including friend invites and server selection. Beating players in different servers increases player rank and gives access to new upgrades. New enchantments are in now as well for buffing existing items, but failed enchantments will decrease an item’s level. Specifically, the enchanting system has switched from combining four items to using a primary item that will absorb others. Finally, new Magic Pots give players the chance to have some rare items and points they can use to buy new items.

There are more new features in the update, so see the trailer for DDTank’s new 2.0 update below. DDTank is free-to-play on iOS and Android.