Whatever Happened to Kingdom Hearts Third Party Villains?

It’s been quite a while since any real news regarding Kingdom Hearts III and its story has been revealed. All we have to go on is the E3 2015 trailer of essentially the “Light” (Eraqus) and the “Darkness” (Xehanort) playing a chess game and that this will be the end of the Xehanort, dark seeker saga. Obviously we all know that the Seven Lights and Thirteen Darkness will clash, but other than that what else will the main storyline be about and what about the third party that’s been prevalent to the series since day one?

“What third party?,” you may be asking yourself; I am speaking of Maleficent and the rest of her Disney Villain Crew and their role in the story from here on out. Kind of spoilers ahead, if you haven’t played Kingdom Hearts II or Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Remix. There are some lose ends that were not addressed at the end of Kingdom Hearts II, one of them being the fate of Maleficent and Pete and their current roles in the game. At the end of KHII, their fates were left without a cutscene as she and Pete held back the onslaught of darkness, or nobodies or whatever was going on at the moment while Sora and crew went to take on Xemnas.


It always felt like their presence in the second game was nothing more than to appear menacing, as they really didn’t do much during your first visits to each world. Their ending in KHII was also unsatisfactory, as we have a pivotal character growth moment for Pete, who finally decides to stops turning tail and running and actually stands his ground with Maleficent as they face down certain death in order to gain control over the castle. Their entire plot line in KHII led to that moment only for it to never be touched upon again. Sure, she does make an appearance in later installments, but it’s never explained or touched upon just what happened at the castle.

She and the rest of the Disney villains really took a third row back seat in Kingdom Hearts II with the Organization and Xehanort stepping up to the plate as the main antagonist of the overall series. But knowing Malificant and her character it is unlikely for her to stand aside and let Xehanort get away with the crap he’s been pulling on her since day one. Xehanort has been manipulating her throughout the games making her do everything he wanted her to do for his benefit and even if she has no idea of his true involvement or manipulation coming into KHIII, it’s more than likely she is ready to take up arms against Sora and Xehanort. Unless her role will be reduced even further to a subplot of her and her reasons for wanting to control the data world, never addressing Rikunort and his betrayal to her in KHI, which is entirely possible seeing as the biggest character plots for them in KHII seem to have been completely abandoned as of right now.

Kingdom Hearts is a hard story to follow. Its plot threads and interweaving sub-plots are all over the map and unless you become a 24/7 Kingdom Heart aficionado, keeping track of everything is a tough feat. But at a close, not entirely deep glance, one can question the fate of the once “main” antagonist that’s been reduced to filler subplot duty as the janitor of the villain world.