Deus Ex Cast Join ‘Heavenstrike Rivals’ for Limited Time

Square Enix’s Heavenstrike Rivals is a tactical multiplayer RPG on mobile devices. Heavenstrike sees the player fighting for survival in the war-torn remains of the Lunnain aerial kingdom. Standing up against the siege of the ruthless monsters from above call the Fallen, players must launch a counter offensive against the heavens.

From today through Wednesday, March 30, Heavenstrike Rivals will also feature Deux Ex: Mankind Divided’s protagonist, Adam Jensen. Players can encounter Adam Jensen in a story-driven event where they can unlock an Adam Jensen card and his outfit for Heavenstrike protagonists Khale and Jack.

While not the way one would expect Deux Ex’s marketing to go, this is nice new addition for mobile players. Those interested in hopping in can grab Heavenstrike Rivals free on iOS and Android.