Hideo Kojima is ‘Back in the Field’

Hideo Kojima, the legendary developer behind the Metal Gear series, has made recent headlines for severing his three decade long relationship with Konami. He has since announced the opening of his own studio called Kojima Productions before signing a deal which ties the studio to Sony. This move has obviously sparked insane levels of speculation as to what the studios debut project would be.  However, instead of jumping straight into development of his new and mysterious game, Hideo Kojima embarked on a tour of development studios around the world.  Accompanied by Playstation’s Lead Systems Architect Mark Cerny, Kojima explored a multitude of technologies and development processes. Having returned some time ago, Kojima has been relatively quiet about work related topics (apart from an interesting talk at DICE). Today, he decided to give us all a tidbit:

No other details have been given. So apart from knowing that Kojima is actually back to work developing a game and that it involves motion capture (surprise, surprise), we still haven’t learned all that much. With that said, it is incredibly comforting to know that Kojima is back in business and taking steps with whatever project he has in mind. We will certainly continue to watch with interest as Kojima Productions moves forward.