Listen to the ETHEReal String Project Game Music Collab.

Originally a live collaboration on YouTube, composer Josh Barron and the ETHEReal String Orchestra have come together to produce a compilation of some of the most iconic music in video games. Labeled The ETHEReal String Project, this compilation is a fully licensed collection of video game music ranging from Mass Effect to Metal Gear Solid and inspired by the likes of Symphonic Fantasies and Final Symphony. Josh Barron described the tracks as being different from the originals but also reminiscent of them:

The inspiration for this project stems from productions like Symphonic Fantasies and Final Symphony. I was fascinated with their robust, colorful orchestrations and felt like the music brought nostalgia to life. With the ETHEReal String Project, I arranged pieces that have never been arranged before and in styles that not only depart from the source, but also pulls one into nostalgia.

Here’s the full track list for those curious:

01. Fang’s Theme (For String Orchestra) [from Final Fantasy XIII]
02. Secunda (For String Quintet and Piano) [from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim]
03. Ancient Stones (For String Quintet and Piano) [from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim]
04. Trisection (For String Orchestra) [from Final Fantasy Tactics]
05. Eruyt Village (For String Orchestra and Piano) [from Final Fantasy XII]
06. I Was Lost Without You (For String Ensemble and Piano) [from Mass Effect 3]
07. And Thus Fate Became Cruel (For String Orchestra) [from Heroes of Mana]
08. Eternity~Memories of Light and Waves (String Orchestra & Piano) [from Final Fantasy X-2]
09. Honor, Sacrifice, Glory: Variations on Themes from Halo 2 (For String Orchestra)
10. Still Alive (For String Orchestra) [from Mirror’s Edge]
11. Tactical Espionage Suite (For String Orchestra) [from Metal Gear Solid 2]
12. The Forest of Awakening (For String Orchestra and Piano) [Original Composition]
13. Sulyya Springs (For Viola and Piano) [from Final Fantasy XIII]

Music fans interested in picking this up can get it on iTunes, Spotify, and LOUDR.