Microsoft Reveals April 2016 Games with Gold

There has often been an air of dissatisfaction surrounding Microsoft’s Games with Gold program, namely due to the quality of titles that have been given away in months past. All that is changing with the April 2016 rollout however, as Microsoft is currently boasting its strongest lineup to date on the Xbox One.

During the month of April, Xbox One users will be able to download The Wolf Among Us, the outstanding adventure title from Telltale focused around the Fables comic license. In addition to this, from April 16 through May 15, Sunset Overdrive will be free on Xbox One, so if you’re a fan of gorgeous, hysterical games that are an absolute blast to play, you best mark your calendar. These free titles represent $24.99 and $29.99 values, respectively.

On the Xbox 360, Gold members will have free access to Dead Space, which is widely considered to be the best entry in the iconic horror/shooter series through April 15 (typical retail price is $14.99). Also, Saints Row IV will be the free title from the 16th through the end of the month. It’s worth noting that this $34.99 title will not include the Gat Out of Hell expansion.