Ravenous Aliens and Ground Tentacles Can’t Break the Spirit of Basingstoke

The indomitable town of Basingstoke has been dominated after all, thanks to a neutron bomb and an alien invasion.  Its spirit is alive and well, though, thanks primarily to being the kind of place where you’d have to squint a bit and maybe compare before and after pictures to spot the post-apocalyptic changes.  Basingstoke’s better days weren’t all that much better, so the main objective of the survivors is still to get out of town.  Although to be fair, before the world ended they wouldn’t have had to sneak past toothy aliens and the undead horde created by the neutron bomb blast.

Basingstoke has been in the works for a while now, initially conceived as a quick project before being given the time to grow properly.  Since then the stealth-action roguelike has gotten a crafting system for turning found items into traps and weapons, more gadgets including a first-person mode using binoculars, new monsters, and whatever else over a year’s worth of development can cram in there.  The new trailer is more action than sneaky but it shows off how Basingstoke has come along since the last peek in mid-2014.  The town of Basingstoke has seen better days, but at least the darkness and terror has had the edge taken off by an almost Fisher-Price playset level of cuteness.