Samorost 3 Makes the World That Much Stranger With its Release

Is Amanita Design considered in the same ties as Lucasarts and Telltale when it comes to adventure games yet?  The first two Samorost games were beautiful little things, Botanicula applied Amanita’s fascination with nature to a different but equally wonderful setting, and Machinarium is still one of the best point & click adventure games around.  Amanita may not pump out the games at the speed of bigger companies with multiple teams but each title on their list is a near-perfect gem of creativity that doesn’t let the artistic nature of the presentation get in the way of an unrestrained sense of playfulness.  The four years since Botanicula have been far too long to wait for something new, but as of today Samorost 3 is finally available.

Samorost 3 stars the short little white gnome from the first two games, and this time he’s found a trumpet that lets him hear and respond to musical cues in the environment.  With trumpet in hand he sets off across the planets in search of his little universe’s origins, meeting strange creatures and insects and figuring out how to give them what they want so he can progress to the next puzzle.  It’s by far the biggest game Amanita has created yet, taking place over nine unique planets packed with more detail than ever before.  Check out the launch trailer below to get a sense of the game in motion, and then realize it looks even nicer without the Youtube compression.  There’s also an 8-minute main theme available as well that’s basically sonic ear therapy.  Samorost 3 looks like an epic of adventure gaming, big and strange and fun and beautiful, and everything fans of Amanita Design could hope for.