Dead Star Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Armature Studios’ upcoming twin stick shooter Dead Star has a rapidly approaching release date.  The studio has made mention that people who were enjoying the Early Access Beta and pre-ordered the game will be receiving certain bonuses when the final product is released.  The time has come for Armature to reveal what these bonuses entail.

“Those that pre-order Dead Star via Steam before April 5 will receive two free content packs — the Kurg Ship Expansion and the Quaz’l Ship Expansion, a $9.98 total value — as they are released in late April and May respectively. These new Ship Expansions will each bring three new playable ships to game, adding new layers of strategy and gameplay mechanics that will benefit the entire player base. Each Expansion will be priced at $4.99. More updates for the PlayStation®Store are coming soon.  Those ready to jump into the action can pre-order Dead Star on Steam® right now and begin playing immediately via the Early Access Beta (which ends March 29), as well as ensure they receive almost $10 worth of DLC free post-release.”

With a target retail price of $19.99, the pre-order bonus is a pretty substantial value.  Additionally, Dead Star is scheduled to be among the free titles in April for PlayStation Plus members.