Jason Mewes Opens Up On Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch

The View Askewinerse has conquered multiple mediums including film, comics and television, but one place it’s always been lacking is video games. That’s about to change as Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch has been announced and is currently raising funds on Fig. During GDC 2016, we were able to sit down with Jay himself Jason Mewes and developer Justin Woodward to talk everything about their highly-anticipated game.

[Hardcore Gamer] First things first: tell us about the backstory

Jason Mewes: I’ll leave that up to Justin!

Justin Woodward: It’s a 2.5D brawler in the View Askew world with Jay and Silent Bob as the protagonists in a tag-team fighting game similar to Donkey Kong Country where you swap between the characters. But imagine you’re playing that in Final Fight, where you’re busting combos and you can chain the combos by switching between the characters simultaneously and if you’re playing with someone else you can chain combos together and do group attacks against the opponent. So, it’s that kind of Final Fight mixed with Marvel vs. Capcom where you have assists from the characters from different movies. And there’s a combo-combo system which is a conversational combat where you get locked in to a fight and you match phrases together in order to insult the enemy. You can image comic book bubbles appearing above their heads, you select one and they dissipate over time so you have a certain amount of time. It’s a really interesting system.

Are there any RPG elements or is it straightforward brawler?

JW: They’ll turn into Chronic and Bluntman when they level up to different levels. The regular Bluntman and Chronic are in the game and they level up to more video game-esque versions of themselves. Like Arkham Knight, Bluntman with the Mega Armor looks like Zero, he’s got the bomb saver and stuff.


Is there a lot of story in the game or is it mainly action focused?

JW: It’s action but there’s going to be a story because we want to the keep the whole View Askewniverse.

Is the game part of the universe or is it its own entity?

JM: There’s going to be characters from the universe. I don’t know. Again, these guys are developing it and Kevin and I will jump in later. I know Kevin’s given a little input, but right now it’s about the crowdsourcing and hitting the mark so they can get moving on it. Then it’ll be fun after things are there. I definitely want to be part of putting the phrasing together and they’ve been doing all the artwork which is great because it’s stuff I wouldn’t have thought of. Going back to the armor I think it’s fantastic. I’m excited about it. Hopefully, phase one, we’ve got two weeks left to raise 35% of the goal. Hopefully it goes well and they start banging it out. Everything has been great; they have the mall in there, the convenience store and the Secret Stash. My biggest thing that I love to see is the DLC. I love when Call of Duty has the four new multiplayer maps and different zombie boards or when Injustice throws new characters and armor in. That’ll be fun because you can have Brodie, because Jason Lee is really Brodie and Banky and it’s be cool to see Bank work at the Secret Stash. These are just ideas I think of like going into the comic book store and one of the side challenges is to throw on the angel wings and chest plates Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have from their movie.

JW: We’re going to have assists from the other characters. Suzanne, Dante and Randal we just got. Brian and Jeff said they’re super down which is an exclusive, we haven’t announced it yet. We’re trying to get the cast involved and balanced everything out. We would like to add to it because this is a love project. This is for the fans. We want to make sure they get what they expect from the universe.

JM: Maybe later on we’ll get Michael Rooker from Mallrats to come in. These are all the cool things I feel like could happen later on. It’ll be fun to see if later we just keep adding on different stuff like that. It’s been fun. I’m just trying to do more interviews and get it out there, and it’s exciting, the more I talk about it.

You mention the Secret Stash; could you seen any of the Comic Book Men — like Ming and Mike — in it? Or are they not technically in the Askewniverse?

JM: Well, actually they are because Walter and Bryan are Steve-Dave and the Fanboy from Mallrats. So, yeah, again I feel like that can be the cross-over. If you’re in the Secret Stash it can be Walt and Bryan as the Comic Book Men and when you level up they’ll be Steve-Dave and the Fanboy because you know everybody in the Askewniverse plays more than one character. Cock Knocker would be amazing. I don’t know the chances of Mark Hamill doing a voice over, but that would be amazing.

JW: Lots of easter eggs. You know, through the crowdfunding through Fig we’re shooting out surveys to backers to see what they want the most. Then reveal that stuff first and keep putting more content and ideas into it.

You’re one of the first video games to use Fig. How do you like the platform so far?

JW: Fig is amazing. They help us set up interviews. If you’re doing your own campaign it’s really difficult and they help you with that. They have first party support, know a lot of people in the industry and the even help with some legal support.

Back to the game itself. Do you think there will be any direct references to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? I know people have really wanted a sequel for a long time.

JM: I want to. I see no reason not to. I don’t know what the legal is, what rights we need. I’m sure we can still get the characters. If it’s done right and looks amazing, we’d be able to do that. I don’t know why we wouldn’t throw in everyone we can. Like Priscilla Barnes and her three nipples.

JW: We’re definitely going to be working with Jason and Kevin to make sure we send them the ideas and stories.

Kevin has to be to excited being so into gaming.

JM: Yeah, he’s definitely excited about it. He’s busy right now directing The Flash, but before he left he did some pushing about the game. I know when he’s done, when it gets to the end, he’ll give it a hard push. Again, I feel really good about the traction its had and making its goals.

How long the game is going to be?

JW: I’m thinking at least 10-12 hours and then add on. We won’t say anything yet, but we want to keep adding content. So, we’re actually working on a system to make it easier adding more content. We’re planning on showing something at E3.

Do you know what systems you want to launch for?

JW: We’re looking at PS4 and Xbox One but we can’t say anything.