Slain! Launches with a New Trailer

We’ve all been wanting a return to the good old days of Castevania-influenced side-scrolling, explorative platformers and with the original series all but heading the way of the dodo, it seems the indie developers around the World could be the ones who are stepping up and vouching to bring the classic action back. And for those still waiting on Koji Igarashi’s anticipated Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Wolf Brew Games are hoping to alleviate some of that time with their own crowdfunded, gory take on the formula with Slain!

A new launch trailer has just been unveiled which showcases some of the title’s blood-soaked combat atop its vibrantly bold, 16-bit art-style — heavy metal soundtrack and all. Slain! is available now on PC via Steam. Check out the official launch trailer below.