Uncharted 4’s ‘Head or Tails’ Trailer Says So Much By Presenting So Little

Naughty Dog’s long-awaited final installment to fortune hunter Nathan Drake’s adventures is only a month and a half away and with the days counting down to an epic and stunning looking adventure, fans are treated with a brand new trailer. Although this trailer is short, it says a lot about Drake, Naughty Dog and the industry as a whole.

Uncharted 4’s latest and dare we say greatest trailer dropped on March 25 and although the total run time of the trailer is a mere twenty-five second endeavor, so much is packed into those precious moments. We open with Drake in the hold of seemingly the pirate ship with the treasure he’s been searching for holding a gold doubloon and reevaluating his life choices while fire rages around him. This opening sequence is so powerful that you instantly feel that Drake has really changed over the years. He’s gone from a care free treasure hunter who would do just about anything for another clue to an average everyman whose morals and wants are on a more relatable level.


It seems during his reflection of the life he has forfeited for the pursuit of the pirate treasure that Drake cares more about his normal complacent life such as tediously working the days away at his dull unexciting job and coming home to suburban life with Elena than seeking the treasure and glory he so desperately strived for since the first game. Although none of this is news to fans that have been following the game as of late, it still hits on a strong emotional level and shows where Drake’s head will most likely be throughout the game. On our last trip we will see more of a reclusive Drake versus the wise cracking Indiana Jones-esque character we’ve come to know.

Through this trailer the player really gets the notion of how much Drake has turned into Sully over the years, we are all aware of Sully’s most quotable line of, “I’m getting to old for this shit” and now we see Drake finally realizing what that truly meant as it all sinks in for him. Naughty Dog has done what no other game has done before it, they even let Drake do what Disney refuses to let Indiana Jones do; grow old. Getting old and having your priorities change is human but yet we have never seen a seasoned character go through such a life changing moment like that before. The most recent, (and by far worst) Indiana Jones movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, had an older Dr. Jones stilling running through jungles and beating up bad guys like he always had in the past except this time they used his age as a joke instead of evolving the iconic character.


Naughty Dog has always been known for great storytelling and pushing the limits of what they can do with the hardware available to them at the time, but they’re also known for pushing social expectations. Back in 2013, Naughty Dog fought tooth and nail to keep Ellie placed on the front of The Last of Us box when they were pressured to put her in the background in “fear” that the game would sell less with a woman on the front. While that’s a whole different conversation for another article, the point is that Naughty Dog cares more about doing their characters justice than doing what society expect them to. The fourth entry of Uncharted could have easily been set with a thirty-something-year-old Drake, but they choose to age the character and portray him in a new light.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is shaping up to be a game that was well worth the wait and with the power of the PlayStation 4, it’s going to look and play even better than it ever has before. The closing chapter on Nathan Drake’s adventures will be just as action packed as previous titles, but players will now enjoy a riveting story of a man whose dreams of fame and fortune have turned a little more humble in his old(er) age.