Build Your Way Up in ‘Project Highrise’

We are in a day and age of simulation games; games where you are tasked to do things that you could normally do outside of the game.  While Project Highrise might be one of those games, it doesn’t make the experience of building a skyscraper any less fun.  You start off with the basics, a single basement room for your builders and a single floor to begin building.  You can either play in a free mode where you can build as wide or as high as you like or career mode where you are tasked with different building types and tenants that you have to adhere to.  It isn’t easy to maintain these skyscrapers as each tenant has different demands and different princes that they can pay for rent.  It’s up to you as their landlord to make sure that everyone living/working in your skyscraper is satisfied while making sure your building is profitable.

The game isn’t just about creating the best skyscraper, it’s also about making sure that you have the proper tools and equipment and yes, that means making sure to have electricity and water on the floors that need it.  There’s no limit to the possibilities that you can create in your building, from luxury suites to corporate offices, you have the ability to customize your buildings to however you see fit.  Though, tenants will leave if their demands are not met.  For example, if a tenant wants to leave because the smell of a nearby restaurant is bothering them or some other reason, the value of your skyscraper goes down and the cost of having someone live in that same space goes down as well.  Since the entire purpose of the game is to make a thriving skyscraper, it’s detrimental that everyone who has moved in is acquainted and completely okay with their neighbors.  In fact, some people won’t even move in if certain vendors or restaurants aren’t nearby, so you really need to watch out in those scenarios.

There are many different ways of being able to check how your tenants are doing as well.  There’s a grime meter that senses the so-called grime in your building in the form of smells and generally dirtiness.  Since you have this kind of information at your disposal, there’s no reason for you to run a building that no one wants to be in.  In fact, with the right amount of employees working for the building itself, it should never be a problem to keep it clean and in good shape.  You can also see the foot traffic in the building and have the opportunity to make decisions completely based off of what you think would be best for your tenants.  It doesn’t always work out, but sometimes taking that kind of dive will help you in the long run.

There is no expected release date for Project Highrise just yet, but it is expected to be released sometime later this year for PC.